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TRAVIS JAUDON: New NCAA four-game threshold is game of 'redshirt roulette'

As The Associated Press’ Ralph D. Russo wrote about the new rule, “At some point this season, a coach will find himself weighing whether to use a player in a fifth game or not.” If a player is used in five games, then you would likely want him to be used in all of the games. If he’s used in zero, one, two or three games, then you would wonder why you didn’t take the opportunity to squeeze a little more from the opportunity. Welcome, college coaches, to your newest conundrum on Saturdays this fall. “I don’t know if people  ... understand how different (the redshirt rule) is,” Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said. “How much the game is going to be different, the strategy behind it.” While coaches like Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck see the rule as “brilliant” and even go far as to claim the change, as Fleck did, as the “greatest rule change the NCAA has put in in the last 20 years,” other coaches see what I’m beginning to realize. The game of college football has been completely altered.

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